What is Seeds of Promise?

Seeds of Promise is a 501c3 non-profit organization, which is a dba of Community Development Impact Ministration, Inc.. Seeds is a place-based urban community improvement initiative located in the Southeast community of Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Seeds has emerged as a solution to neighborhood community issues surrounding multi-generational dependency that has continuously gone unaddressed.  The existing “top-down” strategies have deepened recipient’s reliance on resources to date, rather than providing opportunities for them to become self-sustaining.  Our foundation principle is that those who live in the community must direct their own improvement strategy.

Seeds of Promise is designed to serve three levels of solving the “poverty problem”:

  • A local demonstration center for how to build a self-sustaining solution where urban residents govern and direct their personal and neighborhood improvement.
  • An opportunity for others to experience the dynamic nature of empowering self-dependence.
  • The operations hub for a private sector based strategy to rapidly replicate this solution within and beyond Michigan.


The strategy is fundamentally simple:

  • Empower urban residents to transform their underdeveloped personal and neighborhood assets into increased market leverage-able competencies by solving the root cause of priority problems.
  • Help them to build a continuous improvement based system “on the run” that supports their ingenuity-based self-initiative.
  • Enable supportive non-profit, public and private organizations to produce increased measurable impact by integrating service delivery within the residents’ strategy.
  • Support the residents building a self-sustaining strategy enabling them to control their destiny and leverage the market.  After all, it’s just “good business’”.


  • Host Neighbors: Residents dedicated to solving neighborhood problems through training in self-governance and project management. Host Neighbor demographics mirror the demographics of the Seeds community.  They have undergone the Kellogg Foundation’s leadership, accountability, and life-skills training program

  • Impact Teams: Self-organized neighborhood teams comprised of Host Neighbors and Endorsing Partners that address neighborhood issues and concerns.  Currently we have 8 Impact Teams: Host Neighbor Leadership Council, Job Creation, Educational, Community Ministerial, Safe Community, Housing, Health, Wellness and Nutrition, and Entrepreneurial

  • Endorsing Partners: Organizations within the public, private, academic, and service sectors that support, engage and report on their Seeds programs and activities on a best efforts basis